Monday, February 16, 2009

2009 1st Quarter Reading Challenge - Week 7 Update and my project

Ok, just a refresher on what the 2009 reading goal is. I made a pledge to read 13 books for the 1st quarter of 2009. So far I have read 10 books. Out of the 10 books read, I did not have 2 of them in my original list(bold purple). Now I have to admit that I dropped 1 book from my original 13, Where the Line Bleeds, but I am thinking of going back and picking this up.

If you are looking for a good book to read, my favorite so far is Dying for Revenge by Eric Jerome Dickey, but this is part 3 of the Gideon series, so I say read books 1 and 2 first. If you are looking for a good romance let me suggest Seducing the Matchmaker or Seduced by Moonlight(hmm that is a lot of seducing going on...LOL). I was surprised with J-Pop Love Song, it was an inter-racial romance with some suspense thrown in. It was really a nice story.

January 2009
In Blood We Trust by FD Davis
Seducing the Matchermaker by Elaine Overton
The Holiday Inn by Various Authors
Men, Money and Gold Diggers by Je=Caryous Johnson
Dying for Revenge By Eric Jerome Dickey (Finishing up last few chapters from 2008)
What White Boyz Ride by Various Authors

February 2009
The Cassandra CookBook By Shawn James(I had put this down in 2008 after skimming to the end. I went back and read it.)
J-Pop Love Song By Shiree McCraver
Sinful Chocolate By Adrianne Bryd
Seduced by Moonlight By Janice Sims

Now that I have 10 books under my belt I have to decide what I am reading next. I am going to share with you the books that have made their way into my bag for next week.

1.Fledgling By Octavia E Butler(I am a really big fan of her and if you have never read a book by her you are missing something amazing)
2.After the Lies By Mandessa Selby(I have a review to write for this)

Now I am a HUGE Brenda Jackson fan and although none of her books were part of my 1st quarter challenge, I have a bunch of her books I need to play catchup on, so I may be adding one of her books to my list.

Now, my project, I am crocheting a purple and cream blanket for my baby. I work on that when I get tired of reading, or when I talk on the phone. My second project is creating a baby blanket for my baby sister. She is having a little girl, Hailey, to be born in June(I am hoping on my bday June 17). Ashley has asked that I make her blanket pink and green. I picked up the yarn today and will start on that. I move around a lot with projects, it keeps me from being bored.

I have nieces and nephews I have not done blankets for when they were born, so I think over the next few years I will create them for the kids as a lifelong reminder of Aunt Shonda. My nephew born in October has one I made in blue, chocolate and cream. He got a really big blanket from me, I have not decided how big baby Hailey's will be, it will be a traditional granny square, so it will be easy to add onto until I get tired.

Happy reading until next time.

Sunday, February 8, 2009

I Gave into Pressure and Hit the Bottle

Ok, I know what you are thinking. "Lashonda, no! Drinking it not the answer." It is not a liqueur bottle, it is the hair dye bottle. I have had suggestions to pluck them, get one of those wands to hide the color, make sure my headband covers it, and the list goes on.

Well, I decided to dye my hair. My husbands suggestion, black. I did this color years ago and it makes me look dead. I thought about blond and had the box in my hands several times as I stood in the hair dye section of the beauty supply store. This was a color I visited in college and I remembered the drying effects it had on my hair. Plus I was smaller and I was not sure my now round face was ready for blond.

Looking at all of the different colors of red on the shelf I went with Red Hot Rhythm. My hair has always come out shades darker than what the box suggest for brown hair, so i figured this color would go nice. Now, I am a little scared that it will take on an ashy look. Can your hair look ashy? Hmm. That is food for thought.

As I type this I have second thoughts, but there it is, sitting on my bathroom counter. Calling my name. Telling me to take the plunge. Now, I know you are sitting there thinking, "why not a rinse?" I have tried those and in the sunlight you can see the color, but it does not cover my grays. At least with the dye my grays take on a nice highlighted look.

I am hoping that I do not have to go back to that same shop and get one of those wigs. Wigs are something I have always wanted to try, but never got up the nerve. I am not really sure what my apprehension is with a wig. I mean my hair has always had a nice length but I have worn the same style in my hair for years. Side part gently bumped under at the ends. I have switched it up and had side part, curled up and side part, full layers curled under. This was pretty and thanks to the doobie shop in NJ. A place that is not found in Jacksonville.

I have had those life moments when I had the Salt and Peppa side bob and the Hailey Berry cut, but I come back to hair that I can place in a ponytail when I feel like it. Although my sister made me give up pony tails and I have started to use headbands as my new pony tail. I hate to do my hair.

I love braids, but sitting there to get them done drives me crazy. I have had Janet Jackson Poetic Justice braids(always sat on those), micro braids, shreds(FL's micro braids) and different types of braids designs where my scalp was on fire for a week after because it was like a mini facelift. I have sat for over 18 hours getting my hair braided. I even had a stylist whose kids kept running in and out of the house and she kept taking smoke breaks(not cigs, but she did offer me some of it. I guess that was nice of her, just not what I did.). After 18 hours she was not done, my mom was ready to get out of Newark and my sister found someone to finish the top of my head the next day. I always wondered why she never offered her services in the beginning. Sitting in that house off of West Runyon(sp) in Newark at 10p was not a safe feeling.

Ok, so all of this said, I can not tell you how it looks because I am now off to take the plunge and see what comes out of this bottle. Will my kids run, hiding from the clown. Will my husband laugh until I cry. Only time will tell. I will let you know how it comes out and if it looks ok I will post a picture. If it looks bad, no picture because you all will not have the chance to post my picture on hot ghetto or some other crazy site.