Tuesday, December 30, 2008

New Year New Me

As 2008 comes to an end, I began to wonder what would make my list of resolutions for 2009. The sad thing is I found my 2008 list and I did not achieve one of my goals. After getting over my pity party, I decided to think of ways to execute my resolutions. I also contemplated adding my list here, since I just admitted that last years list was a complete failure, but I think one way I can execute the items is to place them in print for all to read. Feel free to share your list below. I also welcome tips to help me reach be able to check of the resolutions in 2009 as I complete them.

1. Get healthy and drop the pounds
2. Buy a house
3. Write my book(This has been lingering in print and in my mind for a few years)
4. Work on my degree

1 comment:

Just4Me said...

Hey there. I read the review and it was very detail and made me want to read the book for sure.....You have talent! So I am waiting for you to publish your own book. Happy New Year to you and yours and keep me posted on your successes.