Friday, April 3, 2009

2nd Quarter Reading Challenge

Ok, I am back at it again. I have accepted the challenge for another quarter and will be striving to finish reading the 13 books I have picked for the 2nd quarter.

How did I do 1st quarter you ask? While I did not read all of the books from my original challenge, I did complete 15 book. So, I have decided to take a different approach. The first 5 books on my list are review books. Books I know I will complete since I have to write a review. The rest are romance novels from my shelf that have sat for too long. I plan to post weekly my updates in the challenge, providing the extra motivation to read. After all I am sure you do not want to read a post about nothing.

1. Sandella’s Soldier by Sabrina McAfee (Review)
2. The Lotus Blossom Chronicles: Book 3 by Kelley Nyrae and Mandessa Selby (Review)
3. One in a Million by Barbara Keaton (Review)
4. The Lotus Blossom Chronicles: Book 2 by JM Jeffries and Dyanne Davis (Review)
5. Suite Nothings by JM Jeffries (Review)
6. Love Takes Time by Adrianne Byrd
7. Sex and the Single Braddock by Robyn Amos (Braddock Series)
8. Second Chance Baby by AC Arthur (Braddock Series)
9. The Object of his Protection by Brenda Jackson (Braddock Series)
10. Nobody But You by Francis Ray (Grayson series - friend)
11. Slow Burn by Brenda Jackson (Madaris Series)
12. Unfinished Business by Brenda Jackson (Madaris Series)
13. The Midnight Hour by Brenda Jackson (Madaris Series)

In addition to the links I provide for my review books, I am making an attempt to post on Amazon reviews for the other books I read. If you feel motivate to take the challenge stop by APOOO and post your list. Happy Reading!!


Dera Williams said...

I like your stategy. You should get through your lists easier that way.

Ladysilver said...

I think so to Dera. Francis Ray helped me forget I was on the bike at the gym. That story was hot!