Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Life has a way of running away from you.....I'm trying to catch it!

Ok, first I am going to start by saying that I have been doing great with getting my 2nd quarter reading challenge books read. I have read 5 books as of today and read 2 manuscripts which I had to provide feedback on. All of the books in bold are the ones I have completed so far. Pretty good for 3 weeks if I do say so myself.

1. Sandella’s Soldier by Sabrina McAfee (Review)
2. The Lotus Blossom Chronicles: Book 3 by Kelley Nyrae and Mandessa Selby (Review)
3. One in a Million by Barbara Keaton (Review)
4. The Lotus Blossom Chronicles: Book 2 by JM Jeffries and Dyanne Davis (Review)
5. Suite Nothings by JM Jeffries (Review)
6. Love Takes Time by Adrianne Byrd
7. Sex and the Single Braddock by Robyn Amos (Braddock Series)
8. Second Chance Baby by AC Arthur (Braddock Series)
9. The Object of his Protection by Brenda Jackson (Braddock Series)
10. Nobody But You by Francis Ray (Grayson series - friend)
11. Slow Burn by Brenda Jackson (Madaris Series)
12. Unfinished Business by Brenda Jackson (Madaris Series)
13. The Midnight Hour by Brenda Jackson (Madaris Series)

I am currently reading Love Takes Time by Adrianne Byrd. In reviewing my list I realized that I neglected to add my BOM(book of the month) for my bookclub. I have to finish reading Red Light, Green Light in time for our Sunday discussion.

Now, on top of that, my sisters baby shower is May 8 and by that time I am supposed to have her Pink and Green baby blanket made. All I can say is I am glad she does not read my blog because there would be some very nasty comments from her following this post. I really should have completed this blanket a while ago. Some would question is it my aversion to the colors, pink and green, I am after all a Zeta. All jokes aside, time just slipped away from me and now I must speed crochet to complete her baby's blanket.

I guess the Sunday afternoon cookouts, that turn into Sunday night cookouts with plenty of wine to go around could be part of the blame. Sundays were my lazy days, but for some reason the same four couples keep getting together, sharing good food and libations. Even though we have vowed to move this event to Saturday, it just never seems to happen. I get the call about 12noon, "Hey, we are going to throw something on the grill if you and your family wants to come by." Without fail we are there, grilling, drinking, laughing at their cat drink the pool water and asking the infamous question of the night. I have to say this weekend, while the men rode the motor cycles the women took over the grill and guess what....NO DRY MEAT!!!

Question of the night, now there is a concept that you may want to add into your next couple event. Actually we ladies do it for ladies night only, we just enjoy when the men are brave enough to take part and answer the question. Now, be careful, because this has made for some very long drives home and some very lonely nights for a few. This may be why the men tend to "eject"(yes they include motions as if they were being ejected from their chair so men in the other parts of the yard know it is question of the night time). The question can be anything you want. Here are a few of ours:

  1. Has your mate changed from when you first met? (my husbands answer, "Yes, but I have changed too.") No he was not being thoughtful, he was being politically correct and saving the need to "eject".

  2. Why do men show us a more romantic side in the beginning? (typical male answer, "we had a goal) No need to elaborate there.

  3. Why do men cheat?

  4. Do you care if your mate gains weight? (The men normally eject, have to go to the rest room, has decided the wife needs more wine and goes inside to get it, hears the kids calling, etc, etc. etc.)

It really is all just good fun and the mind behind question of the night actually made up a newly wed game that is played annually at the Christmas party hosted by one of the motor cycle wives. She has added a disclaimer to the beginning of the game, advising that it is all in fun and is not meant to cause acts of physical violence between couples. People do not normally listen, think they are beyond taking it serious, play the game and go home mad at their mate. Fun times!!!

Now the thing I am most proud of my new workout routine. I work out 5 days a week. I was doing 5 days of cardio, but have now incorporated 3 days of weight training into it. The trainer advised me that no matter what my goal is, I need to weight train to build muscle. My thought was, who see muscle under all of this fat? Fact is that muscle helps burn fat at a higher rate. So I guess when I am done I will have some great muscles under this fat I am melting away. Maybe one day I will share a full body and add update, but I am not that brave yet. Love Biggest Loser, but I would never have participated because I do not need millions of people knowing how fat I got. My husband does not even see my numbers on the scale and my doctor is really lucky I let him see it.

Do you have couples gatherings? Do you have a ritual like we have question of the night? I honestly wish I could record our "debates" and share it with you. Do you have any fitness goals you are working on? How are you going with sticking with it? I hope my reading list has inspired you to read. A great idea with our current economy is to visit your local library. A mind is a terrible thing to waste. Don't let anyone tell you that your reading does not count because it does not include heavy reading. Reading is reading, and it all gets your mind going.


Dera Williams said...

You are doing good with your reading challenge. I jusdt realized the month is almost over and I didn't do very well.

Yasmin said...

Hey Lashonda I'm on the fitness bandwagon also...I had a scare when I was in the hospital last month so I'm determined more than ever to lose weight now...tomorrow I see my doctor. After he gives me the green light to exercise I'm going to be at goal is at least five times a weeek...doing the summer I'm going to work into just having a routine and heading the gym regularly...once I get the routine down then I will add weights. One step at a time...but cardiac first because I need to burn some fat!
Ps--Reading sucks...I'm just not into any of the books I have or any of the books that are coming out.

Ladysilver said...

Hey Yas,

It was hard for me at first. I had so many reasons why I could not work out, but I now feel bad when I do not do it. I was a little disappointed because the scale was not moving, I lost 7.5 and then gained 3 back by eating crap I had no business eating. Sorry that you had a scare, but good for you making the choice to have a healthy lifestyle.