Tuesday, January 27, 2009

I Know Enough to Get By

So, I am home from work today. Nothing was planned, nothing major was wrong, I just needed a me day. Well, it is not really a me day because my 3 year old is running around me blowing bubbles and I hear the sound of her Backyardigans bubble blower in the background(a Christmas present I found in the back of the closet last night while I was looking for the PS3 instruction book)

I did run an errand this morning, so the day off was not totally about me. I have taken my time to read my emails, read a few chapters of my latest review book and actually eat my yogurt while it was still nice and cold. When you eat at your desk you have to realize that your food will never be consumed at the temperature it was meant to be consumed at. I added my word to my current facebook scrabble page and realized I had not posted a blog this week. I did take the time to update my ever changing 2009 reading challenge blog and it now includes books I have given up on. Knowing me, I will pick it back up eventually, but I have a few things that are pressing that I have to read and write reviews for.

Now, let me tell you what started my need for a me day. Last night my husbands friend hooked up our wireless router. I was excited because it gave me a head start on this list of things I needed to do before I got my laptop. That was not however the reason it was hooked up. You see my husband and his friends have this obsession with Madden for PS3. Hooking up the router would allow them to play from their comfort of their own couch. This means no nagging from the wife that they are not at home, no need to put on shoes or change out of your gym shorts to play your "boys" in a game or two.

Well, all seemed to be going great, I had the computer hooked to the router, the PS3 and my sons PSP were picking up the signal, but error 80710102 was causing the systems to not connect to the Internet. My major concern was how to now get the vonage modem to connect into all of this and work. Well, that was my concern. My husband wanted to play his friend who had since went home and another friend online, so he had me google this and google that to see if I could figure out what the problem was. The outcome of this is that I had to hook the computer back up to my clearwire modem, because I have no clue what I did to the router(which is no longer working hooked up to the desktop).

Now, I have to say, that I know my way around a computer and I can usually figure out most things, but since I do not have the instructions to this router, I am lost. I guess it is back to google for me so that I can find the instructions to the router and get this all going again.


Dera Williams said...

Husbands and gadgets. What can you say?

Ladysilver said...

LOL...I know. It drives me crazy.

Yasmin said...

Gurl, well at least your husband your husband ain't afraid to work on computer gadgets...Rick is a handyman but he won't touch the computers...probably because he doesn't want to hear my mouth...hehe.

Angelia... said...

I am married to Mr. Gadget, everything in our home runs on timers...

Bless You!

PS: We all need those at home days!